About us

GigWork GmbH was founded in 2016 by Dr. Nicolai Kranz and Dr. Jörg Haas in the start-up network of HW Partners AG in Bonn. The platform is in beta phase.

Dr. Nicolai Kranz is managing partner of GigWork, HR business consultant and lawyer. For 20 years, the former board member and human resources manager has been founding, operating and using a wide variety of analog platforms to find employment: Job exchanges, temporary employment agencies, personnel consultancies and transfer companies. The former head of a temporary employment agency and personnel consultant knows: "The future of personnel procurement is digital. Short-time employees, for example, were hardly an option for bridging staff shortages. It used to be too much effort. Now digital matching platforms are opening up a much more efficient personnel search."

Dr. Jörg Haas, who already operates a digital matching platform in his group of companies, is convinced of this. He is founder of GWI AG (now Agfa Healthcare), European market leader in hospital information systems, CEO of the HW Partners AG technology group and owner of BonnVisio Group and Invite Group with over 40 hotel, catering, real estate and investment companies.