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Platform for the new work of the future

The best staff for the working world of the future! Following the example of the New Work movement, GigWork does not ask as what or where someone wants to work, but how: under what conditions, with what measures of employer attractiveness. GigWork's approach is to remain flexible in terms of time and space, to work independently and freely.

Globalisation and digitisation are central issues of our time - and offer the labour market completely new opportunities. As a jobdating platform, GigWork brings staff and companies together and produces happiness for both sides with the perfect match. We convey the perfect job for the respective life situation - the job that applicants "really, really want". Offers that enable people to work flexibly and self-determined, offer room for the development of the personality of each individual and at the same time are characterised by fair pay and the best social security. For satisfied employees and an increase of the company's reputation on the market.


Platform for the new work of the future


Recruiting at the cutting edge: GigWork relieves the HR departments and makes applicant management efficient and flexible. With the digital matching function we automatically bring applicants together with the individually suitable companies - without the classic application procedure of job platforms.

Not only the remuneration, but also factors such as perspectives, health, work-life balance or cloud working play a decisive role for employees in choosing the right job. GigWork matches the value systems of employees and employers along the "Compensation & Benefits" and thus makes a contribution to improving the working environment.



Human Resource Pool 4.0

GigWork reduces costs for external workers and service providers. Thanks to the digital matching function, personnel shortages can now be easily bridged by short-term employees. With this option, GigWork contributes to the fact that flexible forms of employment in Germany can also be represented in the employment relationship - for a more independent and flexible way of working.

By facilitating the placement of short-term jobs, GigWork offers a cost-effective alternative to the employment of freelancers and temporary workers. The socially responsible transfer of the functionalities of the US-American Gigwork to German conditions: That is our claim!


Human Resource Pool 4.0
  • New-Work Platform: new applicant collectives

  • Jobdating - automatically, without the classical application procedure

  • More suitable candidates through automatic job matching

  • Relief of your HR department

  • GigJobbers as an alternative for vacancies

  • More reputation through fair pay & social security for your GigJobbers

  • Reduction of costs for external staff and service providers

  • Completely mobile useable

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